Brew your own beer

City brewery Sneek
Beer brewing workshop in Sneek's city brewery.
Have you always wanted to brew your own beer? Or are you looking for a fun day to experience something with friends or colleagues. Or maybe you are looking for a special gift for someone special? Then come and brew at the Stadsbrouwerij Sneek!

What are you going to do?
During this workshop you will be introduced to the raw materials of beer and the theory behind brewing.
Rob de Brouwer takes you through the brewing process from scraps to yeasts! At the end of the day you will of course taste a number of beers from the rich taste palette of the Stadsbrouwerij Sneek. And after a month you can pick up a number of bottles of your home-brewed beer!

City brewery Sneek
Brewery with a good atmosphere
Brewing beer out of love for the product and the city of Sneek. That is the energetic basis of our city brewery. We brew according to our own recipe, preferably using typical Sneker ingredients. And we brew with a mission; encouraging fun and community in Sneek. In other words, a brewery with a good attitude!

Contact details
Leeuwenburg 11
8601 CG Sneek

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