Accessibility Sneek

Sneek is easily accessible via roads and waterways. Sneek is also easily accessible by public transport.

Road traffic
These main roads connect Sneek with other cities: A7, N354 and Stadsrondweg.


Sneek is centrally located in the Frisian Lake District. The following waterways connect Sneek with others cities:

  • Houkesloot (between Sneek and the Princess Margriet Canal).
  • De Geeuw (between Sneek and IJlst).
  • the Zwette (between Sneek and Leeuwarden).
  • Franekervaart (between Sneek and Franeker).

Public transport and train station

Sneek is accessible by public transport. Both by train and by bus. The bus transfer is made by the airline Connexxion, the train service is operated by Arriva. Sneek has 2 train stations: Sneek Central and Sneek Noord. Public transport links can be planned via the OV travel information page.

Please note bus tickets cannot be bought on the buses.


On each approach road there is a parking lot at the center, where you can park for a long time. From these parking lots it is only a few minutes walk to the city center. Parking within the city canals is primarily intended for short-term parking. Parking in the city center is also more expensive than on the parking lots outside the city canals. Some parking place outside the city canals are free of charge.

More information at the site of sudwest fryslan