Annet - Bas Keijzer and Rosa Mee

Westersingel 28 Sneek
Annet is a personal, humorous and poignant performance about how actor Bas Keijzer was paired as a volunteer "buddy" with a woman with dementia: Annet.
  • Saturday 19 Octobervanaf 20:15

She was an eighty-eight-year-old woman who had lived an eventful life. Annet had three sons, two of whom had already passed away. Bas has a family of his own with young children, and the weekly walks with Annet made him realize that there is more to life than hard work.
"I wanted to do something noble and was paired with Annet as a volunteer. It turned into a two-year friendship, with me increasingly looking at the world over her shoulders."

A thirty-part podcast was made of the "diary" of the outings with Annet for NPO Radio1, which forms the basis for this monologue. In his performance, Bas connects three different generations in which everyday recognizable themes pass by. His story is framed musically by cellist and actress Rosa Mee.

Annet is a performance about life itself, about Bas' life but especially about a recognizable life for all of us.