Avondvierdaagse Sneek
Stationsstraat 16b SNEEK -plan route - website
The evening four-day walk with various walking distances through Sneek.
  • Monday 3 June t/m Thursday 6 June

Evening Marches from June 3 to 6, 2024

This year we are going to organize another wonderful Evening Four Day Walk for all of you. We have come up with fun routes and will make it a party again! On Monday, June 3 we will start, four days from the Veemarkthal through our beautiful Sneek.

And also this year on Thursday there will be musical accompaniment throughout the center of Sneek to make the Avondvierdaagse complete. But.... we will do this a little differently than you are used to. We hope for perfect walking weather and look forward to a great turnout. Come on put on your walking shoes and experience it with us!

The Avondvierdaagse is a national walking event for the inhabitants of Sneek and surroundings, especially for schools and associations, who want to promote health, sportsmanship, sociability and solidarity by walking together.

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