Bert Visscher - You don't see another person doing that (reprise)

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Where were you Visscher? Yes sorry! Had to get through a pandemic and hibernation. And then back on stage? Of course, I won't let you down and then roll silently towards Geraniums and Bingo.
  • Thursday 21 Novembervanaf 20:15

Had to go through a pandemic and hibernation for a while. And then took the stage again? Of course, I won't leave you in the lurch and then roll silently towards Geraniums and Bingo. With 42 years of theater in my head, I'll be happy to drop by again And maybe that was it. I'm not 60 anymore either. Hence, we also take a dip into the past.

From Barbie Ken to flower arranging and from the klushoek (the helmet !) to the stuttering man of motorcycle club No Calendar. Who knows. Along with new idiocy and material that never made it, it should be a typical Visscher evening. In any case, I am eager to come and rock your theater.