Elf Lakes Cycle Tour
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The Elfmeren Cycling Tour, a touring classic since 1967 through Friesland, in the 4 distances.
  • Saturday 4 May

Cycling tour of 50, 100 or 150 km, a nice preparation for the 11 cities cycling tour.

In 1967 the Elfmeren bicycle tour was organized for the first time by bicycle club RTC Rally from Sneek. The tour has been held every year since then with only one interruption in 2001 due to the foot and mouth crisis. The Elfmeren bicycle tour guarantees a sporty day out, with a beautiful route along the Frisian lakes through idyllic countryside. Everyone is welcome: young and old, cyclists with or without pedal assistance and steppers.

The 55th Elfmerenfietstocht will take place this year on May 4.

The Elfmerenfietstocht, a tour classic since 1967 through Friesland, in the 3 distances.

Because safety comes first, we recommend all (racing) cyclists to wear a helmet and of course: obey the instructions of the traffic controllers and of course the law and the rules of good decency.

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