Exhibition Antonius
Geeuwkade 3 Sneek -plan route - website
  • t/m 31 December10:00 - 16:00

Antonius Schaap born Sneeker , living in the nearby village of Scharnegoutum paints from his studio on the pôlle. Merry almost realistic colored animals, behind the color palette is often a recognizable emotion or a character hidden. He gets his inspiration from daily life, what he sees, experiences or stories that are told.

After a semi-annual dental check-up Antonius literally could not keep his mouth shut, and so the cooperation with Dentist Practice De Jong & Menso located at the kolk where you have a view from the waiting room on the Sneeker pride The Waterpoort was established. From 01 Aug '23 you can admire other colorful works . In the huge waiting room is a pop-up exhibition/gallery created with several paintings. Many Sneekers will remember him as the boy with the colored hair who worked for years at xenos. He will now as Antonius the artist several days present behind his easel.

This exhibition is free to visit from Monday to Friday, Antonius will be present on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 4pm. For other days check the socials.