Max Poolman and Jonathan Rhodes
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Enjoy double musical pleasure on April 6 with performances by Max Poolman and Jonathan Rhodes at Lewinski.
  • Saturday 6 April20:00 - 22:00

Double the fun in one evening with two performances!

Max Poolman, a talented artist from Amsterdam, brings a unique blend of folk, county and rock. Inspired by musicians such as Tyler Childers, Ryan Bingham and Justin Townes Earlem, Max takes his audience by storm with his raw voice and personal songs during his live performances. His repertoire ranges from intimate acoustic songs with harmonica to energetic country rock, where he and his guitarist Jeroen Egge rock the crowd.

During the 2021 pop round, Max Poolman was one of the most booked artists. In May 2023, he released the album ''Roads Go On Forever.'' This record was produced by guitarist and producer Jeroen Egge and recorded with engineer bass van Wageningen at the Basement Studios in The Hague. After a skateboarding accident and damaged nerves in his hand, Max had to stop playing guitar for a year to recover. His determination and hard work have not been in vain, as Max Poolman is now able to play guitar again at full strength.

In 2019, Max Poolman released his first two singles: ''Follow The River'' and ''Dreamer'' followed by the live EP ''IJland Studio Sessions'' late that year. In 2020, he released his first EP ''Bucking The Tiger,'' which was released on vinyl and co-sponsored by the SENA Music Production Fund. For his EP, Max traveled to the United States and Mexico to seek out the roots of folk and country, as well as for inspiration.

Jonathan Rhodes from Groningen tells stories without pretense. He is an anti-hero in his own adventure, a not-so-appetizing idealist who looks admiringly at people going their own way freely and happily, while he himself lacks the courage to start a simpler life. Rhodes makes great songs with lyrics that touch you. He doesn't like to say he's a singer-songwriter, but actually that's exactly what he does. His music has a touch of American roots and gospel. He alternates sensitive songs with upbeat roots rock, leaving you more and more enthralled as a listener.

Jonathan Rhodes released his first EP in 2022: ''Dirt''. A perfect introduction to his talent. Previously Rhodes won prizes such as the POPgroningen Talent Award and the audience award of the Grote Prijs van Nederland.

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