Open Business Day SWF
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Busy Súdwest opens its doors on Saturday, March 9, 2024 during Open Business Day SWF
  • Saturday 9 March10:00 - 16:00

Súdwest-Fryslân - As many as 11,975 businesses in a variety of sectors: Súdwest-Fryslân is bustling with activity. Not everyone is aware of this, but on Saturday, March 9, 2024 from 10:00 to 16:00 you can't ignore it: industrious Súdwest opens its doors to the general public. To give interested parties a unique look behind the scenes. To give students an idea of all the wonderful things happening in our region. To give job seekers and newcomers to the labor market a chance. But also to show family, friends or neighbors the company with pride. The Open Bedrijvendag SWF is the moment to take a look behind the scenes at participating companiesin the neighborhood.

Companies large and small between the Afsluitdijk, Stavoren and Sneek

The Open Bedrijvendag SWF is an initiative of Vereniging Ondernemend Sneek. "After three successful editions of the Work Festival, two successful Work Congresses and an Inspiration Tour, it is - literally and figuratively - time to open doors," said the organization. From large companies in the 83 villages to small companies in the 6 cities and vice versa: all companies in the area between the Afsluitdijk, Stavoren and Sneek have the opportunity to participate. To simultaneously open their doors wide for tours, demonstrations, workshops or a nice cup of coffee.

More than just opening doors

For companies it is the chance to show the outside world what goes on behind those company walls and what the company has to offer. To tell the company's story and inspire others. "The Open Bedrijvendag SWF is all about experiencing and tasting the atmosphere. Therefore, it is not the intention that companies just open their doors. For example, we make routes to companies that show beautiful examples of innovations, this for example with AI. At several companies we organize fun cultural acts that you can attend for free. We also offer interesting speakers to give a Súdwest (TED) Talk at companies. That will undoubtedly attract another new audience to your company!"

A look behind the scenes

From yacht building to business services, from healthcare to transportation, there is plenty to see and do during Open Business Day SWF. With visitors from young to old, it is a party for everyone: residents, interested parties, job seekers, students, newcomers and people with a distance to the labor market. Also for those who still have to make a study or career choice, are thinking about a career switch or are just curious: come in and take a look behind the scenes!

Bustling Súdwest: sign up and open your doors

"Show the region what you do! Together with all the other businesses in Súdwest you make much more impact than on your own." Learn more about participating and signing up:

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