Scapino Ballet

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For Origin, artistic director Ed Wubbe is bringing two exceptional international choreographers to the Netherlands.
  • Friday 31 Mayvanaf 20:15

An exciting performance with influences from Chinese dance, Israeli folk dance and modern dance. In the Netherlands the young creators Gong Xingxing and Lior Tavori are still unknown, but that will soon change.

Gong Xingxing's new dance piece demands a high technical level from the dancers because of the combination of physical control and graceful relaxation. Together with the palpable emotional charge, it manages to hold the viewer's attention firmly. Xingxing belongs to the new generation of choreographers who are successfully bringing modern dance to a wider audience in China. This includes the Israeli choreographer Lior Tavori who, in addition to his own company, creates many pieces for Chinese dance companies. Combining folk dance and modern dance, the joy of dance radiates from his new choreography.

Dance preview:
Starting at 8 p.m., we will treat you to a sparkling dance preview in our cozy foyer. Be surprised by the dancers of our Dance Explosion group, led by Raymond Guzman! This is the perfect way to get in the right mood for the main act of the evening.????