Simmer Yn Sudwest
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Together we celebrate Simmer yn Súdwest!
  • Saturday 20 July t/m Tuesday 27 August

This summer vacation you don't have to be bored! Because for 6 weeks in Súdwest-Fryslân you can do all kinds of fun activities. Such as sailing, supping, playing soccer, Pumptrack, sports parties with bouncy cushions and an awesome Whipe-out track. But kids can also go to a theater performance or participate in a creative or musical workshop. Families may relax, play a game or craft at Neighborhood Camping SoCo or enjoy street theater. Young people can chill out at Cool Súdwest's mobile hangout.

Together we celebrate the Simmer yn Súdwest!

Please note that some activities are limited in terms of participation and/or age. Sign up on time, because full is full. There may be last-minute changes, so always keep an eye on the site and/or your mail prior to your visit.

The full program can be found at

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