Simmer Yn Sudwest

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Together we celebrate Simmer yn Súdwest!
  • Saturday 20 July t/m Tuesday 27 August

This summer vacation you don't have to be bored! Because in Súdwest-Fryslân you can do all kinds of fun activities for 6 weeks.

During 'Simmer Yn Súdwest' you will celebrate the summer vacations in your own neighborhood or village. Come participate in the free sporting and creative activities for children aged 4 to 12 from the @gemeenteswf. The program of the neighborhood camp includes fun activities such as slime making, dancing, panna cage, duck fishing, drumming, acro gymnastics. Bring on that summer vacation! ☀️

Together we celebrate the Simmer yn Súdwest!

Please note that some activities are limited in terms of participation and/or age. Sign up on time, because full is full. There may be last-minute changes, so always keep an eye on the site and/or your mail prior to your visit.

The full program can be found at

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