Sneker Film Winter
Leeuwenburg 12 Sneek -plan route - website
4 days of many quality films screened at the Sneker Filmwinter.
  • 16 January en 19 January

During the Sneker Filmwinter Filmhuis Sneek shows a selection of beautiful, fun, fascinating, exciting, intriguing films that have come out in the past year and have not yet been shown in our regular program. Some very special films from our regular program we repeat. The program is available on our website Tickets can be purchased online through CineSneek.

Program 2025 will follow in December 2024.

The great Escaper with Michael Caine, Rice boy sleeps, Nothing to laugh about, Das Lehrerzimmer are a few names of the fantastic offerings in the Sneker Filmwinter 2024.

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