11 cities fountain IJlst (11fountains)

De Dassenboarch IJlst -plan route

A fountain has been placed in all 11 cities of Friesland by Capital of Culture 2018. For the IJlst location, the committee engaged Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki. Inspired by the Stinsen plants of the IJlst area, Ohmaki created the design of the flower fountain. The terrazzo vase was poured on site. Big challenge was the flatness of the top of the vase, because the water has to flow over it in a level way, exactly in such a way that waves arise on the outside of the vase, which catch up with each other and fall off. The mold was 3D freshed and poured on site with black terrazzo. It incorporates the foundation of the flowers, water inlets and lighting.

The Immortal Flowers

According to Shinji Ohmaki, culture, like nature, forms layer upon layer. New generations keep building on a large carpet pad that does not disappear. Exactly as the town of IJlst also formed. The old, largely feral stone plants are signs of that invisible carpet pad and of man's role in its development. The fountain "Immortal Flowers - Rikka" connects flowering Steinsen plants as an element of Frisian nature with an ancient form of Japanese flower art, Ikebana. He symbolizes the eternal connection between man, culture and nature. (source 11 fountains).

Artist: Shinji Ohmaki

Year built: 2018