Beerenburg distillery
Kleinzand 32, Sneek Sneek -plan route

Beerenburg distillery Weduwe Joustra is located in one of the oldest buildings (anno 1484) of Sneek, where for more than 140 years Weduwe Joustra Beerenburg is made. Enjoy not only the atmosphere, but of course also the Beerenburg, which really tastes better if you have been to Sneek yourself. In the nostalgic store you can still see an original liquor organ. If you also want to visit the distillery, you need to make an appointment.

In the street of the Kleinzand, located on a canal, there are many old mansions and store houses. Some of these houses were built around 1790 in the Louis XVI style, mostly commissioned by wealthy merchants.


In 1645 Hendrik Beerenburg started a wholesale business in spices and packaging at Stroomarkt 9 in Amsterdam. The skippers of the skûtsjes bought these packets and had them drawn on gin or brandy. The decoction was named by its discoverer 'Beerenburg' and used as medicine. According to the package insert, these "Opregte Maag-Kruiden" were the ideal remedy for many ailments.
In 1864 Anjenette Joustra, after her husband died at too young an age, started making Beerenburg in this building on the Kleinzand. She did this with the herbs and the recipe of Hendrik Beerenburg under the name Weduwe Joustra Beerenburg. She let the package of herbs soak in a soft genever for 4 weeks. The smell, color and taste came 100% from the herbs. The interior of the old-fashioned smelling store still has the same nostalgic atmosphere of those days, with a light bulb above the counter and a floor lamp in the corner. In the view through to the Huyskamer, you can see the portrait of the Widow Joustra hanging; she still watches over her business. In the store is an original liquor organ. Unfortunately, it is no longer allowed to be used, but it is still completely intact. A beverage organ is a collection of barrels. The model barrel used is called a pipe and a collection of pipes is known as a (church) organ. These pipes contained liquor and that is how the name liquor organ originated. The liquor organ is a landmark in Sneek. The authentic wooden shelves behind the counter are filled with products from their own distillery, among other things.