Fries Scheepvaartmuseum Sneek

Kleinzand Sneek

There are two main departments in the Fries Scheepvaart Museum. In the Shipping Department, the history of Frisian shipping is told through ship models, paintings and ship parts. In the Sneek department, the history of the city of Sneek and the Frisian Southwest corner is covered. Sneek has always been water-oriented. There is therefore no sharp division between the two departments. The areas of interest merge smoothly into one another.
It is about skûtsjesilen, Sneekweek and the Frisian navy, but also about the Elfstedentocht or the Sneker Waterpoort. And there is also a wonderful collection of silver on display. There is a cozy museum cafe and for children there is an exciting Children's Museum. So there is something for everyone to enjoy.