Gable stones OBW (Kruizebroederstraat Sneek)
Kruizebroederstraat 2-4 Sneek -plan route

The austere exterior of the Kruizebroederstraat 2 and 4 building is enlivened by colorful decorations in terra cotta. The building is on the list of national monuments. These decorations were made in consultation with architect Geert Stapenséa by potter Willem Coenraad Brouwer (1877 - 1933), who had his own studio in Gouda from 1898 to 1901 and then in Leiderdorp. Brouwer is best known for the many pots and vases he made, but he also had considerable production in the field of building earthenware.

The arched entrance to Kruizebroederstraat 2 has a border of green and blue decorative tiles. Also included were two gable stones with representations symbolizing shelter: birds taking shelter under a mushroom and a hen with chicks. Cuckoo with chicks and mushroom with birds.