Grutte Pier Brewery

Bartlehiem 23 Wyns

Brouwboerderij Bartlehiem is brewer of, among others, the brand Grutte Pier.

Grutte Pier was first a farmer and then a freedom fighter who fought for the freedom of Friesland. Grutte Pier Brewery takes its name from the heroic stories of Pier Gerlofs Donia, a freedom fighter and folk hero who protected Friesland from the Saxons and Dutch around 1517. After the raid on his farm, which the Saxons set on fire and in which his wife was killed, he transformed from a peaceful farmer into a legendary warrior. Thanks to his giant stature and superhuman strength, he was renamed Grutte Pier. A name that stands for strength, freedom, independence, reliability and pride. Just like the beer. These two faces of Grutte Pier, as peaceful farmer and warrior, can be recognized on the label of Grutte Pier beer.

(text and photo site Grutte Pier)