Jewish monument synagogue (Wijde Burgstraat Sneek)
Wijde Burgstraat Sneek -plan route

The Synagogue of Sneek was a synagogue on the Wijde Burgstraat in the center of Sneek. Its architect was Albert Breunissen Troost. Prior to 1836, an upper room on the Gedempte Pol served as the prayer room of the Jewish community. The synagogue was built in 1836. A new synagogue with three towers was built on the same site in 1880. The building was restored in 1905. During World War II, during a raid on November 3, 1944, the synagogue was completely destroyed and looted by NSB members.

After the war, in 1949, the remains (consisting of only the walls) were also removed. Sneek has not had a synagogue since then. A storefront was later built on the site. A memorial stone in the shape of a Jewish star has stood in front of the building since 1995. The text on the stone reads: To remembrance(Hebrew); Here stood until MCMXLV(=1945) the synagogue. Around the memorial stone stood a curved wall with the names of 25 Sneker Jews who were killed by the Germans in concentration camps during WWII. Because the wall was mostly used as a bench or bicycle support, it was moved in 2002 to the garden behind the Town Hall.

*) Under the bay window of the C&A awning you can still see a Star of David referring to the Jewish synagogue that was located next to the C&A building, but was destroyed in WWII.