Pavers (Oosterdijk)
Oosterdijk 1 Sneek -plan route

The sculpture was offered by Cnossen Infra in appreciation for the good cooperation with the former municipality of Sneek. The Oosterdijk where this statue stands was made by student pavers as an examination assignment.

The move into new premises at De Hemmen-A7 business park in 1981 prompted ground, road and hydraulic engineering company M. Cnossen B.V. of Sneek to offer the former municipality a bronze statue of a paver. This was commissioned by Cnossen B.V. and designed and manufactured by Klaas van Rosmalen from 's Hertogenbosch. On Thursday, July 16, 1981, Mayor Bernhardus van Haersma Buma performed the unveiling. The statue was offered by Cnossen B.V. in appreciation of the good cooperation with the former municipality. A few days before the Street Maker's unveiling, Mayor Buma had already opened the company's new premises on Smidsstraat. Before that, Cnossen B.V. was (temporarily) located at the Normandy site on Leeuwarderweg.

A few meters in front of the Straatmaker is a commemorative tile. This was a gift to Sneek from the regional training committee North of the Stichting Bevordering Wegenbouw, which was unveiled by Mayor Buma at the same time as the statue. The text in copper relief letters in the tile reads, "This street was made by apprentice pavers - Stichting Bevordering Wegenbouw. The paving of the Oosterdijk had been done as an examination assignment by one of the teams of apprentice pavers trained at Cnossen B.V. The initiative to form an apprentice team was taken by Cnossen B.V. in 1978, in cooperation with the Labor Office, the Stichting Bevordering Wegenbouw, the Dienst Aanvullende Civieltechnische Werken and the former municipality of Sneek. This improved the practical training of pavers.