PvH Stroffelstienen IJzerman, Suupmarkt Sneek

Suupmarkt 15 Sneek -plan route
Rosette IJzerman 1926-1944
Suupmarkt 15
Rozet, or Rosa, IJzerman was born in Amsterdam on June 29, 1926. Initially she was in hiding with the Leeman family on the Suupmarkt in Sneek. On November 16, 1943, due to danger, she was transferred to the Lever family on Kleinzand. She was arrested there during the night of November 16-17, 1943.
Rozet is the only Jewish person in hiding who was caught and killed in Sneek. The Jewish girl Lilian Bromet from Amsterdam hiding at the same address was fortunately not discovered. Lilian was later brought to safety by resistance fighters. Rozet was transferred to the SD stronghold in Leeuwarden. There she was mistreated so severely by SD officer Fritz Grundman that she could not sit or lie down. In February 1944, Rozet was taken from Westerbork to Auschwitz, where she was killed.
During the raid, Hendrik Lever was also rounded up. He died in Dachau on March 8, 1945.