PvH Stroffelstiennen Kuyt, Parallelweg Sneek
Parallelweg 21 Sneek -plan route
Max Kuyt 1895-1942
Ella Lebenstein 1907-1942
Parallelweg 21
At Parallelweg 21 lived the Kuyt family. Max Kuyt was born in Sneek on August 17, 1895, the son of Meijer Kuyt and Sophie Löwenthal. His father was socially very active in Sneek. Meijer was chairman of the Jewish Council of Churches and a member of the town council for the Liberal Freedom League. After his death in 1923 Max continued to live with his mother. He was a sales clerk in a business dealing in galleries and pottery. Max was deported from Westerbork on August 24, 1942. On September 30, 1942, he perished in Auschwitz. His mother Sophie survived the war.
Also living with the Kuyt family was housekeeper Ella Lebenstein, born March 28, 1907 in Epe. Ella was also deported to Auschwitz via Westerbork. There she was murdered on November 23, 1942. Little is known about Ella. We do know that in June 1942 she handed in jewelry at the Liro bank in Amsterdam. Via this bank, the jewelry came into German hands.