Sibbe city farm
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On the outskirts of Sneek, this former dairy farm is all about local food, nature and sustainability. There is a local produce store, terrace with playground and a small eco camping site. You can pick your own vegetables and (tea) herbs, pet the animals, stay outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. You can also hold meetings outside or in the hay barn and guided tours can be given.

The goal of Sibbe city farm is to combine small-scale food growing with education, participation and recreation. Hereby creating an experience around healthy and sustainable food that both entertains and inspires. There is a small-scale nature campsite and a local produce store and a large vegetable garden. In the former cowshed, cattle are kept on a small scale and there will be a bioponics system (vertical farming), where strawberries will be grown in an innovative way. Sustainable energy will be generated in several ways.