Street art, Oebele the Owl

Stationsstraat Sneek -plan route

Oebele the Eagle Owl built his nest in the tree on Station Street.


The Stationsbuurt is a neighborhood within the city of Sneek in the Dutch province of Friesland. A large part of the Stationsbuurt (the Stationstraat and surroundings) has been designated as a protected townscape.

The district contains several national monuments, including:

- The building of Sneek station.
- Various houses at Prinses Julianapark (art nouveau style)
- Various houses at the Stationstraat

Other sights in the neighborhood include:

- The Martini Church on the Oud Kerkhof
- The White Church on the Julianapark
- Canal houses on the Geeuwkade and Westersingel

Eagle Owl

The eagle owl is among the largest owls in the world and is about twice the size of the long-eared owl. Due in part to its striking appearance, the eagle owl has always been an easy prey for hunters. The eagle owl has been heavily persecuted over the centuries and as a result has disappeared in many places. Thanks to protective measures and reintroduction, a change has occurred. Since 1997, this owl even breeds again in the Netherlands.