Streetart, Karin Koolmees

Singel th nr 86 Sneek

Karin Koolmees has laid her wings to rest on the Singel Sneek.


This street, the Singel, used to be a city canal. Especially on Tuesdays it was always very busy with barges and prams from the surrounding villages and towns transporting goods and livestock to and from the center of Sneek. In those days these goods were loaded and unloaded by hand. The bridge was then raised by the bridge keeper by hand to give the small barges that access to the Singel or Grootzand.

Great Tit

One of the most common and well-known breeding birds of the Netherlands and the largest tit in our country. The great tit has a very varied song. Is easily recognized by its yellow body and black head. Is common in deciduous forests, but is also very common in villages and cities. Often breeds in nest boxes and is eager to feed in the winter.

You recognize it by its yellow underside with black center stripe, its head is glossy black with large white cheek and moss green upper face with white wing stripe and blue-gray wing. The black center stripe on the belly and breast is wider in males than in females. Only tit with white outer tail feathers, easily seen in flight.