Streetart, Wilma Woelmuis

Singel Sneek

Wilma the Voles has found a place on the Singel.


This street, the Singel, used to be a city canal. Especially on Tuesdays it was always very busy with barges and prams from the surrounding villages and towns transporting goods and livestock to and from the center of Sneek. In those days these goods were loaded and unloaded by hand. The bridge was then pulled up by the bridge keeper by hand to allow the small barge being buoyed forward with two booms to pass through to the Singel or Grootzand.


The vole is a gray-brown mouse that lives mainly in grasslands. It is slightly larger than the field mouse. The vole has a very shaggy coat. Its favorite food is grass and herbs. In the Alps, the vole can be found up to 1900 meters high. They are very important food for owls and usually build their nests above the ground.