The Hoanne, Tjalhuizen
Monumentwei Tjalhuizen -plan route

The monument consists of a ten-meter-high brick column crowned with a bronze statue of a rooster. The rooster was created by sculptor Willem Valk. The animal stands in a fighting stance, symbolizing "the Dutch people's drive for freedom and their willingness to defend that freedom at all costs."

Among those present at the unveiling on September 5, 1951 were Frederik Tjaberings, mayor of Wymbritseradeel, the widow of Mayor Van Haersma Buma, who died in the war, and Colonel Fiedeldy, commander of the Leeuwarden Air Base. Queen's Commissioner Linthorst Homan unveiled the monument by removing a cloth, after which a plaque in the column became visible. The plaque shows the municipal coat of arms of Wymbritseradeel with a text in Frisian underneath:

The fûle striid,
tsjin fijâns cruel hân,
brought us a new day
foar folk and lân

The monument originally stood just outside Folsgare along State Highway 43 (now A7). Due to a doubling of the road, it had to be moved in 1972 and was re-erected near Tjalhuizum.

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