The nuns (Scharnegoutum)

Lege Dyk Scharnegoutum -plan route

The nuns it Nijkleaster (Scharnegoutum)

In memory of the nunnery which stood from ± 1233 to 1580 near the intersection at the Leeuwarderstraatweg with the road towards Sibrandabuorren-Gauw. This convent, like the other monasteries at that time, has been of great influence on the development of this region.

Scharnegoutum is a village located on the Zwette, a few kilometers north of Sneek and is the only village in Friesland through which the Elfstedentocht, via the Zwette, leads directly. The Zwette is the waterway that connects Sneek and Leeuwarden and is an important part of the Middelzee route that was completed a few years ago.