Watergate (evening)
Waterpoortsgracht Sneek -plan route

The Sneker Waterpoort is a water gate across the Hoogendsterpijp in Sneek. The gate consists of two octagonal towers, with a bridge between them over the waterway between the De Kolk and the Stadsgracht at the city center, and above the bridge a gatekeeper's house. Sneek had four other water gates and two land gates, all of which have been demolished. The Waterpoort remained and is today the symbol of Sneek. This symbol can be found, among other things, in the mainsail of the Sneek skûtsje Sneker Pan and in many logos of Sneker companies.

Did you know that:

  • there are three replicas of the Watergate in a recreation park owned by Chinese/Dutch businessman Yang Bin near the Chinese city of Shenyang?
  • There is also a replica in the Japanese amusement park Huis ten Bosch near Nagasaki.
  • Madurodam has a model of the Waterpoort, built in 1976.
  • In bird park Avifauna (Alphen aan den Rijn) there is a (reduced) replica.
  • Legoland, in Billund, Denmark, also has a model? This model is made entirely of Lego bricks.
  • The Waterpoort is pictured on the ace of spades in a standard deck of cards with a Dutch image
  • The route of the skating Elfstedentocht passes in front of the Waterpoort.