Wilhelmina Park (Bolswarderweg)

Bolswarderweg, Sneek Sneek

The Wilhelminapark in Sneek was laid out in 1898 in the English landscape style. It still looks almost entirely as it was intended according to the original design by garden architect Gerrit Lambertus Vlaskamp. As a result, the park was designated a national monument in 1999. After the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, the Wilhelminapark in Sneek is the second park in the Netherlands to receive national protection. Since 1949 Wilhelminapark has been owned by the municipality.

Besides cultural-historical elements and special trees, you will find a playground, a duck pond and an aviary with (white) peacocks, chickens, special ducks, crowned cranes, as well as hamsters, parakeets and rabbits. Children can have fun in the playground located centrally in the park.