Wooden bridge Krúsrak (Sneek ring road).

Rondweg Sneek Sneek -plan route

Krúsrak is the first bridge of the two wooden bridges at Sneek and was commissioned in November 2008. The second bridge, Dúvelsrak, followed in 2010. The bridges consist of a steel road deck, made in Bergum, and an all-wood span, which is 15 meters high. No part of the wood is straight; everything is bent or twisted. All joints are glued. The preparations and construction took four years, because much research had to be done on suitable types of wood and glue. It was decided to use acetylated wood, which came from production forests in New Zealand. The wood was impregnated with acetic anhydride at the Dutch company Titan Wood which changed the cells of the wood and made the wood as strong as hardwood, which would have been too heavy for this construction. The construction of the span was done by Schaffitzel, a German company that specializes in building wooden bridges. Schaffitzel turned it into a kind of construction kit that was assembled on site. The whole thing weighs 354 tons per bridge. In 2010, the wooden bridge It Krúsrak, won the wood innovation award