Leeuwarderweg Sneek -plan route

Along De Zwette on the north side of Sneek towards Scharnegoutum, a nice walk can be made through the Zwette forest. Here a sporty fitness trail has been laid out and there are several benches that offer great views.

To the north the park is bounded by the Oudvaart, to the east by the Leeuwarderweg, to the south by the Goeman Borgesiuslaan and to the west by the Zwette. The park was created as part of the land consolidation of the Sneker Oudvaart. The designation "forest" is somewhat exaggerated because the park has a limited size.

The park contains various facilities and special places. On the side of the Leeuwarderweg is the Dicky van der Werf Ice Rink. South of this ice rink is the Roman Catholic Cemetery with a special chapel on it. The park also has a fitness area and a stray animal shelter/animal shelter.