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At Copini Opticians you will find many frames from top brands and designers, but you can also find a trendy frame with our house brand collection. Due to our wide range, there is enough for everyone to choose from. • When fitting contact lenses, the expertise of the optometrist/lens specialist is very important. Our optometrists/lens specialists are regularly trained in the field of new developments and immediately put them into practice. In addition to the contact lenses, our specialists always look at the health of your eyes. This way you are always assured that your eyes receive the best care they need. • If you opt for Copini contact lenses, you will always be called in for a check-up every six months. This is a standard check, where your eyes are checked at the most important points. • Our optometrists are always qualified and specialized in detecting eye defects. If it appears during a Total Eye Check (optometric examination) that further examination and treatment is necessary, the optometrist will always refer you to the ophthalmologist. Sometimes it is also necessary for the optometrist to consult with the ophthalmologist about the client. In this way a good diagnosis can be made. Thanks to our good cooperation with various hospitals in Friesland, several cases of eye disorders have already been successfully referred and treated.