Epemawei 8, 8633 KS IJsbrechtum IJsbrechtum

Epema State is a seventeenth century hallstins (country house) with gatehouse from 1623 in IJsbrechtum, 1 km from Sneek.

The Epemastate is a 17th-century state in the Frisian village of IJsbrechtum from 1625. Several grietmen from Wymbritseradeel lived here for a long time, including Baron Sjuck of Burmania Rengers. The garden around the house was designed by Lucas Pieters Roodbaard in 1825. It is a park in the English landscape style. Over the course of the twentieth century, the park has acquired the character of a forest.

Guided tours are given for interested parties in the summer months.

www.epemastate.nl / T 0515-412475