Round trip Sneek-IJlst with Captain Rob (private cruise with lunch)
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A gem! A private canal cruise Rondje Sneek-IJlst including lunch. You will enjoy the canals of Sneek, the Geeuw and the picturesque canals of IJlst. Look for other arrangements on the website of Kapitein Rob Rondvaart.
  • weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting April 15, 2024 until October 15, 202411:00 - 13:30

Join Kapitiein Rob for a private canal cruise around Sneek-IJlst including lunch. There is room per canal cruise for one group booking from 2 to 8 people, so it really is a private canal cruise. Along the way you will enjoy the canals of Sneek, the Geeuw towards IJlst and the picturesque canals of the Eleven Cities town of IJlst. The Rondje Sneek-IJlst package is an experience and you can fully enjoy the canals of Sneek, the Geeuw towards IJlst and the picturesque canals of the Elfstedenstadje IJlst. Like Sneek, IJlst received city rights early on (1268). This makes it the fourth town (after Stavoren, Hindeloopen and Harlingen) in Friesland to receive city rights. Also, the town was known for its shipbuilding and trading position.

The town of IJlst originated on the Oude Ee or Ye, a small river between the Zuiderzee or a predecessor of it and the Middelzee. This small river gave the town its name. Although only fragments of the Ee remain, the remaining part is a picturesque moat. On one side, just in front of the houses, runs the street and the gardens are across the street on the side of the Ee. Formerly, these waterfront gardens, called "bleaching" or "overtuinen," were used to bleach laundry. The gardens are still in private hands and, like the former town hall, have been used as film sets for The Skippers of the Chameleon. IJlst's canal with its beautiful overtowers is one of the most beautiful canals in Friesland. And perhaps of the Netherlands.

Visiting the miller *)

Wood saw mill "De Rat" is on this route and it is worth visiting the mill. Today the mill is still in full operation. Hence, logs lie watering in the Geeuw to be pulled into the mill afterwards using wind power. The sound of the turning sails, the pounding of the up and down sawing frames and the smell of freshly sawn wood is an experience. All in all, you still experience the old sawmill craft as it has been carried out daily in "The Rat" for over three centuries. Also you can enjoy the stories of the miller.
In short, this Rondje Sneek-IJlst is just a wonderful afternoon sailing with a lunch and a drink on board.
So enjoy!

*) The mill is not accessible on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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