Chameleon village Terherne

Koailàn 2 Terherne -plan route

The Kameleondorp in Terhorne (Terherne) is an amusement park entirely dedicated to the book series The Chameleon by Hotze de Roos. The idea for this arose on the spot where the author received a silver pen as a gift from an elementary school in 1980. When asked if the adventures of Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer had taken place in Terhorne, he replied, "They could have played out here. Partly because of this statement, the plan was conceived to build a village in which the books about De Kameleon come to life. Thus, the boat 'De Kameleon' lies next to the Hotel de Gouden Leeuw and pushes a real pram for a tour. Thereby it is possible to visit the island Grootzand, where it is possible to play with the four elements of nature. The smithy of Klinkhamer, the twins' father, is located in the Kameleon Farm, where the town hall and the Woudaap can also be visited.