Church (Tirns)
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Tirns Church is a church building in Tirns, municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân, in the Dutch province of Friesland.

The reformed church from 1699 replaced an older church dedicated to St. Lambert. The three-sided closed hall church was built by Oeds Yges by order of grietman Burmania. The west facade and the facade tower with openwork octagon and domed roof date from 1827. The church building is a national monument.

The pulpit (1699) was made by Syte Eeblis and Johannes Jans. On the cockpit is the grietman's family crest. The baptismal railing, a gentleman's bench, an enclosed gentleman's bench and two family benches were made by Syte Eeblis and Paulus Johans. The 1909 organ was built by Bakker & Timmenga and was installed in the church in 1999. It came from the Reformed church of Oppenhuizen.

(source: wikipedia)