Column (Worp Tjaardastraat Sneek)
Worp Tjaardastraat Sneek -plan route

The artwork The Column was designed and made by the Sneker artist Dirk Hakze and students from groups 7 and 8 of elementary school de Fennepoort. In June 1990 it was unveiled in the garden of Worp Tjaardastraat 336, where administrative office Van der Horst Jansen was located at the time.
The Column is made of PVC and has a height of eight meters. The object has the shape of a crown pen, around which two spiral strips wrap. The idea of the column is derived from Trajan's Column. The pen describes space, past and future of Sneek. Around the column there are seven poles which, when the weather is sunny, produce shadows from which time can be symbolically read. The column was made as part of the project Child and Artist, which was carried out in 1990 in the former municipalities of Sneek and Wymbritseradiel.Twelve visual artists worked with pupils from twelve elementary school on twelve works of art, which together formed an art route in June 1990 in both municipalities. The project Child and Artist was an initiative of the association Beeldend Actief Sneek and the Stichting Kunstprojecten Sneek.