Cruising route Sneek, Uitwellingerga, Sneekermeer, Sneek

The sailing route Sneek, Uitwellingerga, Sneekermeer and back via the Houkesloot Sneek is about 11 kilometers.

Shorter route: you can shorten this sailing route by turning left immediately after Uitwellingerga onto the Prinses Margrietkanaal and then back to Sneek.

Longer route: you can extend this route by turning right to the Dolte (instead of the Sneekermeer). You can then return via the 2nd Joustervaartje and the Goingarijpster Poelen.
Optionally you can extend it even more by going via the Hearesylbrug and then via the Terkapsterpoelen and Terherne back to Sneekermeer.

You sail via Watersportboulevard It Ges to Uitwellingerga. Boats wider than 3.90 cannot pass here. A narrow route at some points that leads through the back of the beautiful waterfront houses of the village of Uitwellingerga.




Polder mill Uitwellingerga

It Dolte