Douwe Tamminga lân

D. A.Tammingalân Sneek

Along the Douwe Tammingalân, the nature park between Ysbrechtum and Sneek, since its opening in 2011, at the entrance stands a work of art in the form of an unfolded book containing the first verse of the Ysbrechtumer village song. The text for this was written by Douwe Tamminga, Frisian poet and writer who lived in Ysbrechtum and for whom the natural land is named.

Since the village song has several stanzas, the remaining four stanzas were also placed along the path through the park in 2013. Together with the information board on bank swallows that was placed near the pond in May, the D.A.Tammingalân now offers the hiker not only a beautiful piece of nature, but also an interesting piece of culture and a linguist and administrator very active for the Frisian language and culture.