Dual consolation Antonius Hospital (Inside Bolswarderbaan Sneek)
Antonius Ziekenhuis Bolswarderbaan Sneek -plan route

A horse, pig, goat and chicken, standing together acrobatically, form a nine-meter-high sculpture in the hall of the Sint Antonius Hospital in Sneek. Despite its large dimensions, the sculpture looks very light. That has everything to do with the construction method. Each individual animal is constructed from a wooden plate that represents its silhouette. By attaching plates perpendicular to these, volume is created, but the final sculpture retains a skeletal character. The animals are not cumbersome and stately but seem to float and this enhances the illusion of the dashing circus act. Creators Gerard Groenewoud, TillyBuy, Rins Boschma and Gerrit Jan Slagter, working under the name the Four Evangelists, did not confine themselves to the hospital hallway. Outside are the pens of the four named animals that, also standing on top of each other, form a tower. This work, unlike the stacked wooden animals, looks pompous and, on the contrary, has a closed character.

Please note: due to corona measures, no unnecessary visits are possible in Antonius Hospital