Europe and the bull (Pasveer Sneek neighborhood access road, the Weide)

De Weide Sneek

At 4 p.m. on September 28, 2001, a festive event was held around the unveiling of a new artwork for the Pasveer area, entitled Europa and the Bull. Europa and the bull stands at the triple junction of the Daam, the Weide and the Pôle. It was unveiled by Alderman Hans van den Broek, while a group of children from Irene Martin's theater school Op Tilt depicted the story of Europe and the bull. Europe and the bull was commissioned by the mayor and aldermen of Sneek, by BarbarahHoying from Uithuizen. The artwork consists of three carved blocks of black stone - diabase - suggesting a kneeling bull. It measures about 130x180x80 centimeters and stands on a pedestal.Europa and the bull is a well-known story about the Greek god Zeus. BarbarahHoyng described it in her presentation of the artwork. "When Zeus was still young, he fell in love with the beautiful Europa, the daughter of King Agenor of Phoenicia.As she was playing on the beach with her friends, Zeus approached her in the form of a bull. Attracted by the animal's beauty and strength, she caressed it and eventually sat on its back. Zeus jumped up and abducted her to Crete. On the beach, Zeus transformed himself into an eagle and impregnated her with Minos."