Gable medallion, founders of the King factory

Kleinzand, Eerste Rang Sneek -plan route

The story goes that the facade medallions belong to the founders of the King factory. In a major fire, the facade collapsed into the water of the Kleinzand. Only years later were the medallions rescued and preserved. After years, these were reinstalled in the new construction of the building The First Rank. It recalls the first King factory, not unlike the peppermint roll on the square behind these facades. The current factory is on Old Oppenhuizerweg.

It is not street art, but it is a nice story and hence in this route anyway.

The history of KING starts in 1902 in Sneek, where peppermint was made in the small bakery of family De Vries. Peppermint had been known for centuries and was usually sold in chunks, later it was put out in various sizes of tablets. The bakery family was ahead of its time and in 1922 decided to rename the thriving peppermint to the KING brand.

The peppermint became a hit. KING has stood for Quality Unmatched since 1922. Not only the quality but also the name recognition of KING is still unmatched: more than 99% of the Dutch people know the peppermint brand.

Initially, peppermint was in demand as a medicinal remedy. Therefore, KING peppermint was advertised as an "uplifting" and "invigorating" medicine. Today, KING no longer claims a medicinal effect of peppermint, yet KING has a stimulating effect on the stomach and digestive tract in addition to refreshing the mouth. This makes KING Peppermint more than a treat.

Sir hangs on the left, madam hangs over the right gate.