Ir. D.F. Woudaemaal

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The Ir. D.F. Wouda pumping station is the largest steam pumping station in the world ever built, and occasionally still in operation. The pumping station is located in Lemmer near Tacozijl in Friesland. It is used on average once a year, during periods of heavy rain and wind, to keep the Frisian storage basin water at the required level if circumstances prevent the J.L. Hoogland pumping station at Stavoren from providing sufficient capacity. Since 1998, the pumping station has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.The pumping station was named in 1947 after D.F. Wouda, chief engineer of the Provincial Water Authority of Friesland. He designed the building, built in 1917-1918, in a traditional style with influences of rationalism.

During construction, lightning struck the detached chimney. The chimney had just been completed, but the lightning rod had not yet been installed because the mortar was still too wet. The chimney had to be completely dismantled and rebuilt. To feed the pumping station, a special stream channel was dug, extra wide to accommodate the amount of water.

The pumping station was opened by Queen Wilhelmina on Oct. 7, 1920.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary, a five-euro commemorative coin, the Woudagemaal Vijfje, with the portrait of King Willem-Alexander was created.