Nature reserve The Flearen

Alddyk Scharnegoutum -plan route

North of the village of Scharnegoutum is the Flearen nature reserve. Arriving in the village, immediately over the bridge, take the first turn on the sidewalk on the right and follow this street (de Terp), pass the elementary school and the church and keep to the right at the fork that follows. You are now on the Alddyk and at the end of this road, follow the bike path along the sports fields and cross the three blue bridges, then enter the Flearen. The bike path following the Zwette leads all the way to Leeuwarden.

After you leave the Flearen, when you arrive at the railroad crossing below Bozum, keep to the right and you will pass through the village of Bozum. After you leave this village you will see after a few hundred meters on the right side a small path through the meadows which leads you back to the bicycle path. From here the bike path leads you in the direction of Leeuwarden. In the Flearen you will also find the puddle meadow, created for the meadow birds among other things, and a little further on an information panel about the area and its origins. Also here are benches, a picnic table and a swallow-hole for house swallows.