Poultry with chicks(Worp Tjaardastraat Sneek)
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Poultry with chicks
Napjusstraat (corner Worp Tjaardastraat, side facade of flat), facade relief
Maker: © Chris W. Fopma
Placed: 1965
Material: fired and glazed chamotte
On the side facade of a complex of apartments on Napjusstraat, the Old Burger Weeshuis foundation had a relief installed in 1965. The work of art was made by sculptor Chris W. Fokma in Leeuwarden.
The relief represents the emblem of the OBW: a hen with chicks. Fokma made it from chamotte clay. The hen has a wingspan of about three meters, the chicks are about one meter wide.
The reason for installing the work of art is that after World War II, the Old Civil Orphanage provided several loans to the former municipality to stimulate housing construction. In 1962, the OBW even took the initiative to build housing itself.This resulted in the construction of 77 premium rental homes in the Noorderhoek, which were completed in 1963.The homes were taken over by the former municipality a year later and are now part of the housing stock of housing foundation De Wieren.To commemorate the construction, the OBW had the facade relief placed.
The hen with chicks symbolizes the caring task of the Old Civil Orphanage.
The symbol can also be found on the facade of the (former) orphanage on the Kruizebroederstraat in Sneek.