Prinsengracht (evening)
Prinsengracht Sneek -plan route

This evening walk runs largely along Sneek's city canals.

The city canal runs around the old town center and consists of the Koopmansgracht, Prinsengracht, Waterpoortsgracht, Kerkgracht, Prins Hendrikkade and the Jousterkade. Within the city canal in the center are the Grootzand, Kleinzand and Leeuwenburg. The Franekervaart, the Zwette, the Sneeker Oudvaart, the Zomerrak, the Woudvaart and the Geeuw (De Kolk) flow into the Stadsgracht.

The city canal along Hoogend, Kleinzand, Grootzand, Leeuwenburg and Suupmarkt has the status of a national monument.

On Prinsengracht you can see a former flour warehouse from 1864. This building is on the list of national monuments.