PvH Stroffelstiennen Nathan, Looxmagracht Sneek

Looxmagracht 8 Sneek
Levi Nathan 1862-1942
Beeltje Ekstein-Godschalk 1862-1942
Looxmagracht 8
Levi Nathan was born in Sneek on March 4, 1862, the son of Nathan Levi Velleman and Fokeltje Turksma. His wife, Grietje Grootkerk, died in Sneek in July 1930. Levi first had a drapery business on the Oosterdijk. Later he was a merchant in copper and horsehair. He also had a sheet blottery behind his house on Looxmagracht. Levi was already very old when the resistance offered him a hiding address in 1942. This proposal he refused, requesting that his place be offered to someone younger.
Probably Levi expected that because of his advanced age he would no longer be used for labor in Germany. On November 16, 1942, he was transported from Westerbork to Auschwitz. Three days later he was killed there, together with his housekeeper Beeltje Godschalk (December 22, 1876, Roden). Beeltje was a widow who had come to live on Looxmagracht as housekeeper after the death of Levi's wife.