PvH Stroffelstiennen Pino Kruizebroederstraat

Kruizebroederstraat 47 Sneek -plan route
Eduard Pino 1890-1943
Margot Pino 1920-1943
Berta Pino-Sichel 1893-1943
Kruizebroederstraat 47
Eduard Pino (June 24, 1890) was a baker but also sold confectionery and cigarettes. He was married to Berta Sichel (December 19, 1893). Eduard was a brother of Jacob Pino who lived on the Veemarkt. Eduard and Berta had two sons, Ernst and Hans, and a daughter Margot.
Eduard and Berta were arrested New Year's Eve 1942 and died in Sobibor on March 13, 1943. Daughter Margot (September 19, 1920) was a courier in the resistance. During a bicycle ride around Sneek she was arrested and killed in Auschwitz on September 3, 1943.
Both sons survived the war. Hans escaped to England via Portugal. He entered military service there and made many bombing flights to Germany. Hans died in Breda in 1994. Son Ernst escaped with a false passport first to southern France, later to Switzerland. After the war, he and his wife Hindy Arnold built a new life in America.