PvH Stroffelstiennen Turksma- van der Hove, Leeuwarderkade Sneek

Leeuwarderkade 21 Sneek
Emma Martina Turksma-Van der Hove 1889-1942
Leeuwarderkade 21
This is where Emma Martina Turksma-Van der Hove lived during the war. She was born in Winschoten on August 21, 1889, the daughter of Lowi van der Hove and Jette-Jetje David. Originally Emma was married to Salomon Velleman. Later she remarried Abraham Turksma. The latter died in Sneek on November 27, 1941.
Emma Turksma-Van der Hove managed a drapery on the Oosterdijk. On November 20, 1942 Emma was put on transport from Westerbork to Auschwitz, where she was murdered three days later.
Her brother, sister and sister-in-law were also murdered in Auschwitz.