Sneekermeer, Starteiland
Kolmeerlan Offingawier -plan route

Just outside Sneek, in the Sneekermeer, lies the Kolmeersland, or Starteiland, which is best known for the sailing competitions during Sneekweek and skûtsjesilen. Around the island it is possible to dock at one of the marinas, and the Starteiland has several facilities such as a restaurant and a playground. The Starteiland can only be reached by ferry or by private boat transport, which is what makes it such a unique place in the heart of Friesland.

The Sneekermeer (Official and Frisian: Snitser Mar) is a lake in the Dutch province of Friesland, located between the city of Sneek and the villages of Terhorne (Terherne) and Goingarijp, which is best known for its great popularity with water sports enthusiasts.

There are water sports facilities on and around the lake, including a speedboat track, several marinas and a starting tower for sailing competitions. At the marina around the starting island there are boat moorings with many options for boating on the lake. There is also a restaurant, a playground and a snack bar. From the starting island you have a beautiful view of the sailing races and other water sports activities on the Sneekermeer.